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Why can't I access this website? I have an email from Kodak to say that they are aware of problems with Plus net customers, and have their engineers looking into problem. Surely the problem is with Plus net. I hav egiven up trying to post a question to plusnet as they don't seem to have a heading that deals with this type of issue. How are we supposed to contact plus net if they make contact so difficult?
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Registered: 03-08-2007

I can't get it either and it seems unpingable too-- maybe it's time I stopped using PlusNet's DNS servers! :roll:

I have just received this email from Kodak. I wonder what Plus net will do?

Thank you for contacting the Kodak EasyShare Gallery Customer Service Team.

Do you have Plusnet as provider? At the moment from Plusnet you can not access our sites due to their address range.
Thank you for reporting this issue. We have submitted this item to our Quality Assurance team to contact Plusnet and we hope to have a resolution very soon.