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win antivirus 2005 annoying popup


win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

help me people pleaaaaaaaase!
i got an annoying win antivirus 2005 popup or something coming up when i browse
you cancel it and it comes up again
you cancel kit again and it downlaods its installer
iv tried literally every antivirus and spayware program and afraid no look
any ideas?
also tell me wot you think of layout!

win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

To be able to help could you supply the following;
What system do you use? XP, 98 etc
Is SP1, SP2 or what ever installed?
What security and antivirus do you use?
Tried "spybot S&D" and "adaware"?

A first thought is that it sounds like "windows messenger" (there are 2 types of windows messenger) which is easy to stop. SP2 for XP includes the stopping of these.

Messenger services woes, how to be rid? Ivan


YEP!! seconded, Yes! it sounds like windows messenger service to me too!! Yes! extremely easy to turn off, using windows explorer to go the following location (assuming your on windowsXP that is?).

**Make sure Messenger service is NOT loaded into the machines memory before you do the below instructions:- make sure you exit the application itself first.

1) Open window explorer, navigate to c:\Program File\Messenger, next in the right hand panel see the following files (all .exe files)

msmsgs.exe (rename to) old_msmsgs.exe
msmsgs.exe.manifest (rename to) Old_msmsgs.exe.manifest
msmsgsin.exe (rename to) Old_msmsgsin.exe

2) After you have done the above, again using windows explorer rename the entire folder/directory from Messenger (rename to ) OLD_Messenger. This should prevent windows messenger service from starting up ever again. **But all this can simply be reversed if you ever want to use the service in future by renaming back to the original names.

**This worked perfectly for me!! I hate messenger service and never use it. But some people seem to like it. for me its a pain.

**The pop-up & installation are just exploiting a vulnerability in windows to get inside your system but once you have turned off messenger than that hole should be blocked & prevent any further pop-up messages or sneeky software installing itself (wont be able to via that route anyway).

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win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

or just download shoot the messanger which disables it in the registry.

Saves all that renaming of files etc.

win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

I used the following (just found it) ;
....then you can disable the Messenger Service. Go to Start, Run and enter SERVICES.MSC. Locate the entry for Messenger. Double click this entry and set it to Stopped and Disabled.

Remember this is for XP also this finds and disables only the BAD messenger not the second one.
It is as simple as it sounds but you should still look at getting SP2.

win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

have done that and it still pops up
pain in the a r s e!!!!!

win antivirus 2005 annoying popup

Do you have win antivirus 2005 on your machine, in which case it may be the renewal message. Otherwise more details required.