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webmail sync


webmail sync

can this be used to keep 2 pc's running outlook 2003 up to date Huh

Have tried but laptop wont sync says your server is responding but the respose is invalid desktop works cool

laptop is wireless desktop wired

if this dont work can i use imap to do this if so how Huh
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webmail sync

webmail sync has never worked.

For imap, the messages and folders are stored on the PN server so you could setup 2 outlook PCs to access the same mailbox. Just create an imap account in outlook and point it to your PN mailbox.

You won't be able to use things like calendar functions, notes & contacts between the 2 PCs because that is specific to outlook and exchange (or exchange equivelent) mail servers and PN only has basic IMAP mail server

webmail sync

Thanks Ill just have to run a exchnage server and solve the problem that way