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web server help


web server help

Hi guys,
Ive been recently working on a personal project which I want to access from outside my network.

Ive configured my router (Netgear DG834G) to enable DMZ service and to route all incoming requests to my own IP address. I made sure the service was enabled in the Inbound firewall services.

The weird thing is that I am able to access my web server using both my internal and external ip addresses on my machine and home network. But when trying to access it from outside, it failed!!

I have even taken the risk of allowing all ports to be open (just for few minutes) for all inbound services, but the same problem continued. I actually turned off the xp's firewall as well as the other nortan firewall.

Could any one please tell me what is wrong?

Also, do you know any other ( better/more secure) way of making my machine web server host using Netgear DG834G?

Any help is appreciated...

web server help

If its only a webserver you are running you only need to forward port 80 to the pc with the server and the pc must have a fixed ip not a dynamic one. shows you how to forward the port in your router.

All firewalls must also let port 80 in. You cant test if its working from within your own network as the router doesnt work like that you need to get someone else to check it for you
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web server help

Make sure your server knows the route to the outside world! u must have the ip of your router specified as the server default gateway