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web mail codes to send mails from abroad


web mail codes to send mails from abroad

Every time I try to send an e-mail [via web mail] from outside the UK I have to type in a code to match that appears in a box pop up. Maybe it's me being stupid - but it often takes a couple of goes to get the code right.

Have complained about this code - but have been told by technical support that it can't be turned off. Its very very other ISP's have the same issue?

Also the web-mail is so slow its unbelievable - my old free yahoo account was much quicker

yours from an inceasingly frustrated customer who now can't find where to write a note to the technical help. Why are they hiding? :roll:
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web mail codes to send mails from abroad

More and more protection mechanisms are becoming necessary to stop automated SPAM systems using web based mail systems. Many messages boards and things like whois lookups are starting to use the same kind of protection to ensure it is real people actually using the services. Its the internet world we live in now a days.

Webmail from PN has never been that good and certainly not really suitable if you send a lot of mail. Its primary use is being able to access/read your mail remotely.