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using sip into Plustalk


using sip into Plustalk

I have a deesktop and a laptop on which I have configured Plustalk I can put messages in and I can retrieve voive mail so I am assumng that the thing is set up right.

I am taking my laptop abroad - how do I connect to my desktop and make and recieve calls to and from these machines
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using sip into Plustalk

Install something like gizmo ( on the laptop then use or **768(yournumber) to connect back to base.
Gizmo uses sipphone so you will get a sip service you can use anywhere.

The laptop can't use plustalk if it is connecting via a non plus connection (I.E. over seas)

I see sipphone is peered with plustalk so the two should talk easily.
I just tried from Gizmo to plustalk but looping back to another phone on the same network is not a good test (it workled but I couldn't sort the audio)