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using mobile abroad to pick up emails


using mobile abroad to pick up emails

OK, heres the problem,

I can access emails in the UK no problem. I travel abroad frequently to different countries. My fist question is how do i pick up mails abroad. My folloing one is that once ive done this, i can recieve but not send. Ive heard this is something to do with needing to set up my SMTP settings to that of the phone provider. Why can I recieve but not send and secondly , if I use vodaphone in England is this my provider globally or do i need to find out the provider that i will use in all countries. I.e in South africa my phone swaps proivder to Vodacom.

Many Thanks
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using mobile abroad to pick up emails

I have an O2 XDA IIs which runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2004 Phone Edition.

I have Outlook setup to receive from the Plusnet mail server and send using It connects via GPRS.

When I go to the states, GPRS works fine, I can receive and I can also send. Because the GPRS connects me to O2.

Your best bet would be to give Vodafone Customer Services a call and ask 'em.

using mobile abroad to pick up emails

im on vodafone so i had to set up to to my outgoing mails
seems to work on most networks ive tried
call the helpline of your mobile provider and they should give you iinfo on what to put in to sort problem
a good idea is to set up a second email identity with the same info as your present one just change the outgoing smtp
you may also need to find out what network vodafone connect with in the country's you go in and if needed set your phone or modem to manual network sellect to get the right 1