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N/A domains

I' quite happily using my to serve webpages from my win2k3 box. However, at present all websites have to run under virtual directories eg,

Is there any way to set up DNS for etc?? I can't see any way of doing this in the domain tool pages of the member centre, it only seems to allow this for registered domains other than the .

Any help would be much appreciated.
N/A domains

This is not possible.

You can only control domains you have registered via the domain control panel.

The only records for the domain available are, &
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You could register a domain and point it at your DSL IP address.
Then you have control over virtual domains on your own webserver.
I know this works for Apache.

I have recently registered a domain with after recommendations fro some other Plus.Net users. It cheaper than Plus.Net's £1 per month option. I paid about £20 to a .org of 2 years.