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uploading php files


uploading php files

At present my site consists entirely of html pages on the standard server, but I would like to change some of these to include php scripts. I understand that I need to upload these pages to the CGI server, and presumably remove the old html versions, but what about the pages that I don't change. Can these remain where they are, and can I have parts of the site running on different servers - will the links between the old and new pages be broken. I'm a little confused. Or should I remove all of the old pages and upload everything to the CGI server.

Steve P
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uploading php files

Note:- topic moved to proper forum.

You can do either.
If you use the cgi server for just the php pages then you will need to alter the links you have to suit the new addresses.

It may be easier for you to have all of your site on the cgi server then any links to your other pages should still be ok as long as they were not complete url's but just "internal" links.

i.e is a full url and would need to be altered if page 2 was moved to the cgi sever.

But a link something like ..page2.htm would still work without altering.

If you are comfortable with altering the links then just put the php pages on the cgi server.