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subdomain query


subdomain query

Hi, im a little lost so please endure me for a moment. I have been reading through numerous threads regarding the creation of records on domains, and not having much experience with it im a little perplexed.

I have just registered a domain through plusnet and would like to create a subdomain lets say - and have it point to my computer so i can host a small private chat server. I thought at first all i would need to do is to create a CNAME record for the subdomain pointing to my computer, but now im really not sure and would appreciate any help, thanks.

subdomain query

The three main record types you can use with PlusNet are MX, A & CNAME.

MX is used for routing of e-mail. It defines a list of servers setup to accept and store/sort e-mail for you.

CNAME record point to other A records. These create directly link aliases of another address.

A records point names to IP's.

You could have the following CNAMEs -> -> ->

You would then have a single A record for, in which caser, all the CNAME record automaticly point to the correct new place.

You have two choices here.

1: Create a CNAME

In the left field type "irc", type CNAME, pri is left blank and the right is set to "".

This will mean, should you IP address update in the future, so will this record

2: Create an A record, with "irc" in the left field, type set to A, pri left blank and the right field set to your statis IP address.

The downfall here, is that should your IP be changed in the future, you will need to update this record yourself.

subdomain query

Ah it was as easy as i was thinking ! Thankyou for the quick informative reply.