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still confused

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Registered: 16-09-2007

still confused

Further to my last post 9th Oct
I still cannot send mail through the account even after changing the outgoing mail as advised to
I also have a hotmail account which i have no problems with.
Again here r my setting
incoming mail pop3
outgoing mail smpt
Any ideas on how to rectifty this problem please.
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still confused

It would have been better to post this in your original thread so others know the history of this...

Please post the full error message you are seeing now.

Are you definately connected to a plusnet IP. You must be to be able to use

What email client are you using?
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still confused

As Peter has said above this should have been added to you original thread here

Please dont start more than one thread going on the same subject or you can get answers all over the place and its confusing.

This thread is now locked.