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site capturing my account name.....


site capturing my account name.....

Recently I saved a html page on my hard drive and while looking at the source code I noticed that contained my Plusnet account name. Something similar to this:

<p style="display:none;">css - 1078159730 - 40.444.2.26 - - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) Opera 7.23 [en] - Ref=</p>

Does anyone know how sites are do this and how can it be prevented, as I rather not have people senting me mail using my Plusnet account?



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site capturing my account name.....

Raise a contact us and ask to have your reverse DNS entry changed to your IP address.

Click contact us link bottom left then click new query -> technical support -> static IP / Reverse DNS setup -> change my reverse DNS

Then read the info page shown then enter the request to change your reverses DNS to your IP address.

Any normal IP lookup will resolve to your domain name. I suspect the webpage you saved was dynamically created and during the creation a script did a reverse DNS lookup to get you details. You cannot prevent a reverse DNS lookup but you can change what it reports.