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setup x lite


setup x lite

i always considered myself able to follow instructions quite well.. but i am stumped with setting up x lite.

i think its becuase i jsut dont understand the terms

is my sip ID the number? or the one that looks like an email address

i have tried both options in x lite but so fsar been inable to get it to work.

would anyone like to write a copmprehensive walk through of how to set it up.


setup x lite

I was just going to post the same question
Thank God for that, it's not just me that can't fathom this out.
Looked at 3 different version's of what to do and none of them work...

setup x lite

Try these settings, just had them through a PM, they work for my set-up

Enabled Yes
Display name : my name
Username: plustalk
autorisation user : plustalk
Password: my plusnet account password
domain realm:
out bound proxy:
set internal IP: Never
Register: Default:
Voice mail SIP URL :
forward sip url:
Use Voicemail:forward to voicemail
Direct dial IP: No