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"Cheap rate on all other calls” - Where do I save?


"Cheap rate on all other calls” - Where do I save?

I’m new to PlusNet and VioP technologies. My plan is to implementing PlusTalk at home to save money on our telephone calls. Initially (during the probation period where I’m looking to get my partner to “buy in” to this solution) I will be using PlusTalk on my desktop PC. Once I have proved to my partner that we can save money, and then I would look into buying some hardware to enable us to use our standard BT handsets.

Sorry to bore you with the details…my question is simple. When signing up to either of the contracts, one of the benefits is that you get “Cheap rate on all other calls”. Does this mean that all calls will be charged at the weekend rate? If not what savings does this facility provide? (sorry for a lengthy question, but would like some ammunition to back up my justification)


Description Daytime Evening Weekend
National fixed line 1.5p 1p 1p
0845 7.5p 4p 4p
0870 8.5p 5p 5p
0800 freefone - - -
Mobile Networks
Vodafone 15p 10p 6p
02 15p 10p 6p
Orange 15p 10p 6p
T Mobile & One2 One 15p 10p 6p
3 Mobile 20p 15p 6p