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port 80 ?


port 80 ?

hi guys
when i do a security check it shows port 80 as open also 67.
im using a qtec modem router and see in the cofig im using port 80 as the main access to the net.
question is surely its got to be open? can i use a different port no: or will that show up as open aswell.
i use sygate 5.1 firewall

cheers mark

port 80 ?

The security check you talk of tests for incoming connections, and not what ports are open for outgoing.

If you blocked ports for outgoing, you wouldn't have internet access.

Port 80 is used for webservers, and in some cases, for thr webserver configuration of a router.

After a quick looks, this seems to be the case with your router. When making a connection attempt, it attempts to ask me for a username and password.

You should read through the manual of the router to see if there is any method of securing traffic from the outside world to the configuration screens.

Your Sygate firewall is going very little/nothing, as the router does most of the protection functions. However, is allways nice if you make a configuration mistake and your computer is left open to attack.

Port 67 is DHCP and again, should not be looking for connections externaly.

You may want to try and block it from the outside world too. Again, consult the manual.

port 80 ?

thnx Philip
i cant see anything in the manual for this, also i get nothing from the support at qtec.
so what your saying is YOU can gain access to my configuration page of my router? thats not good is it? does this also meen you can gain access to my pc. Sad
please help

port 80 ?

I could gain access to the configuration only if I knew your username and password to the router (advice, at least change the password).

As for gaining access to your network. This could be possible, though would forther depend on a attacker investigating your network.

Check the configuration of the router, there may well be a section reagrding remote administration or configuration.

You need to disable remote administration, but keep LAN.

port 80 ?

thnx Philip
ive changed the password in admin & Config but cant see anything about remote access.
let me get this right, nobody can gain access to router or pc without having the password for the router? doe the router block them by default?

the experienced can i know that, but the amatures would have difficulty?
basically am i safe?.
do i need the software firewall

port 80 ?

OK, lets start from the bottom upwards.

In terms of security, no you do not need a software firewall. However, this does not mean it isn't advised.

Software firewalls are designed to introduce a layer of security, on an existing system, where you do not wish to (technical limitation, not confident, out of budget) use hardware device.

They are pretty large "must have" for modem users, because all incoming traffic is delivered directly to the one system (modem users are PCI & USB ADSL modems and standard 56kb modems).

A router acts as the modem in a networked environment, as such, all incoming traffic is delivered there. What is done with this traffic depends on how secure you are.

In simple terms, the traffic never reaches the computer, unless you tell the router it must forward it.

When a software firewall is very handy in this router environment is, when you are not confident with your own skills at configuring the router, or you may the lsightest mistake on it. It will serve as backup protection.

basically am i safe?

Pretty much. Provided you have done everything possible to secure yourself, then yes.

Without trying to scare you, you should never pretend you are totaly safe. The slighest mistake can mean a problem, though you may never notice it.

This can happen to even the most experianced admin. You just have to keep your cool, and monitor what happens.


let me get this right, nobody can gain access to router or pc without having the password for the router? doe the router block them by default

Lets break that down a little.

Currently, nobody can access the configuration screen without the username and password.

If they where to guess the password, then they would have information like IP addresses and a few other details, that would allow them to take a step forward.

There would be a lot of work involved ont here part before they could access your computer.

However, provided the software firewall is in place, you have the latest patches and you are not doing anything silly with servers on your system, you should feel in a state where there is less panic.

By default, the router will not forward incoming traffic. This is different to blocking. So on this part you are safe.

However, as noted, the configuration screen is available.

Provided you can find a way to block, disable or prevent access on the enternal interface, then you will be over more fine.

Can I ask what make and model router you have, and I might be able to see if there is a way to turn this off for you, or others may ahve allready done the same.

port 80 ?

thnx again Philip for your time, very interesting read.
the item is a:

ive just had a reply from q-tec.
they said check manual- 5.6 .
ive looked at this and its all about setting up a virtual server?
is this the thing i need to setup?

port 80 ?

Hi Philip,

Your post helped me to understand the issues.

I was shocked to find that always resolves to your IP
whereas resolves to your webspace.

This has meant that for the last 5months has presented people with my ADSL Router login screen ! and guess what I had not changed the password form the standard unsecure manufacturers password as I thought it was only accessable internally!

I have a SOLWISE SAR110 ADSL ROUTER and the quick start left the router open to the public.

Could you direct me to any info on how to disable REMOTE ADMIN on this router?

Thanks in advance


port 80 ?

I beleive there should be a IP filter rule in thr router configuration that will allow you to filter this incoming connection.

If you wished to run a webserver within your network in the future, you would need to re-eneble this, and setup port forwarding.

I do not use the SAR110, so i can't give that much help.

I would however, sugest using the Solwise SAR 110 forums for any advanced help/.

port 80 ?

Thank you