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pops ups before I click onto internet explorer


pops ups before I click onto internet explorer

My computer is being bombarded with pop ups, this is now happening before I click onto internet explorer, as soon as the pc see's its online (broadband connection), they start appearing, I close them, but they come back & usually the computer starts slowing down or it freezes. I then have to re-boot the machine.
I have run AVG 6.0, Adaware & Spybot search & destroy all to no avail, they all find various things to delete but not the problem we have managed to aquire.

Can anyone suggest a cure please.

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pops ups before I click onto internet explorer

Try CWShredder available for download here. You might also like to download and run Hijackthis from the same location.

You should also install a pop-up stopper. The one I recommend for IE is the Google toolbar.

You should also disable windows messaging service (this ios nothing to do with MSN messanger) as this can be used to produce pop-ups. There are 2 apps to stop the messager service listed in General: Essential Security software. You may also want to run some of the online virus scanners and trojan scanners just to see if they find anything your current malware apps don't.