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pointing sub domain at my webspace


pointing sub domain at my webspace


I've read through the domain records FAQ but am still a bit confused.

If I have webpages saved at , for example:

can I set up a domain record so that the subdmoain happy points at the folder. leaving me with:

any help?

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pointing sub domain at my webspace

A few questions:
- Where are your files - is your web space hosted on your own machine, or hosted by PN themselves?
- Is PN hosting the DNS for your domain?

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do... but, if the domain is hosted by PN, you can point the domain at any folder in .htdocs and a subdomain (with no separate record) will be a subfolder of that. You could set up an A record to point the subdomain somewhere else (e.g. your machine) or you could make it a CNAME for the main domain and point to the same place in .htdocs. Not sure if that helps Smiley

pointing sub domain at my webspace

You can't make a CNAME or A record of a subdomain point to any directory on the web server.

It is possible to create the DNS records, however, there is more to it on the server than just DNS.

The webserver needs to have information added to it, so that it knows which directory to serve files from, when it sees requests from your sub-domain. This is not currently possible.

This only applies to the PlusNet webserver. It is possible to do what you wish on any localy hosted web server, as you have full setup control.

pointing sub domain at my webspace

Yes, you're quite right - I was mixing up the PN web hosting arrangement with local hosting - having re read the OP message, it wouldn't have done what they wanted anyway :!:
I blame getting up too early on Sunday morning...