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plus talk

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plus talk

I am at my wites end trying to get plus talk have been trying since january I am like tony from Cheshire I am using a Netgear Router DG834G On seeking help from Support and them replacing my Router I am no further forward software is X-LIte any suggestions]
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plus talk

Is it one of those routers that lets youplug a phone in, are you using a USB handset, or just a mic and speakers on your P.C?

Ive got mine ( x-lite) set up like this
under sipproxy:

Enabled Yes
Display name : my name
Username: plustalk
autorisation user : plustalk
Password: my plusnet account password
domain realm:
out bound proxy:
set internal IP: Never
Register: Default:
Voice mail SIP URL :
forward sip url:
Use Voicemail:forward to voicemail
Direct dial IP: No

using software version X-lite2.0 release 1150c

theres also a help forum for the Xlite software at
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plus talk

For agwool;

I am using the same router and have had no problems except the quality from time to time is poor (like a robot). Must be something slighty adrift in your setup details?!?

I think its a good service so far Cheesy