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phpbb 2 and my webspace


phpbb 2 and my webspace

some one please help!

im trying to set up phpbb 2 on my webspace and i am having some problems. let me explaine

i have activated cgi and uploaded all the files over have set the config.php attribs to 666 as stated in the install doc

when i go to the space i get the install page and i fill out the information as i think it should be but i get an error that is "phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database "

the fields are

1. language
2.Database Type - i left this as mysql 3.x
3. Choose your installation method - i choose new install

4.Database Server Hostname / DSN - is this my freespace address?
5. Your Database Name - do i make up my own or do i create one?
6. Database Username - do i make up my own or do i create one?
7. Database Password - do i make up my own or do i create one?
8. Prefix for tables in database - phpbb_

9. Admin Email Address
10.Domain Name - i assume my webspace againHuh
11.Server Port - 80
12.Script path - /phpbb 2/ as in the install guide
13.Administrator Username
14.Administrator Password
15.Administrator Password [ Confirm

i would really appriciate anyones help who is in the know or used this before?


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phpbb 2 and my webspace

Have you read the Scripts: Help Installing phpBB.

Answers to 4, 5, 6 & 7 are in the email you received containing your MySQL details.

4. is the MySQL database server details in email
5. will be xpressmedia_pn assuming that is the user you are installing with
6. Is the username in your email
7. password in email

10. is your
12. I think should not have a space before the 2 (phpdd2)


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phpbb 2 and my webspace

thanks i'll try this later was not aware of that help thread thanks

phpbb 2 and my webspace

question 4 is that the bit that is either rumpus or humbug? if so do i just put the one that it is or do i need any slashes or anything else?

phpbb 2 and my webspace

Yes, it's either rumpus or humbug. If you're installing phpBB on your PlusNet space you just need to put rumpus or humbug (you were told which in the email).

phpbb 2 and my webspace

yea i saw that in the email i was just not sure if thats what i was supposed to enter..


phpbb 2 and my webspace

I am trying to do the same thing is there any posiblily you could email me the infomation for question 4, 5 ,6 & 7

Thanks in advance

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phpbb 2 and my webspace

This is really simple once you have done it: Have you activated the MYSQL form the website settings in your member centre. If so you would get an email with all the details that you need. If not activate it now but you will have to wait until its activated and you get the email with the info. Usually about 12hrs

1. leave as what it says now.
2. 3x mysql
3. leave as install
4. host name either rumpus or humbug ( your email you got when you activated your mysql will tell you this)
5. probably your account user name with _pn at the end eg: username_pn (again this will be in the email that you get)
6. that will be your account log in name in my case matrox
7. this is along password that is in the email that you get (Not your log in password)
8. prefix leave as phpbb_ if you get auth access duplicate error then change to phpbb2_
9. the email address that you want to use as the admin of the forum. You could use the email address that you would use if you going to sign up for a forum.
10. leave it as it is
11. server port 80
12. script path leave as default . What it says when the page comes up.
13. admin user name the name that you will log into the forum as
14. the password you will use to log in to your forum
15. confirm the above password.

Hope this helps. If you run into any more problems i will be glad to help. Cheesy

phpbb 2 and my webspace

Thank you
I have managed to create one