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pgp webmail


pgp webmail

Has anyone got their webmail pgp encription working yet?

I have enabled it and generated the key etc but simply cannot send anything encrypted or signed to any address at all. I just get messages about the recipients public key not being present or corrupted etc.

I have tried to only sign outbound emails, thinking that i can only encrypt emails with the recipients certificate, but still i get such error messages? Which confuses me, because I cant understand why i would need the recipients certificate in order to send them a signed message?

So how do i export my public key to a microsoft outlook client (not running under exchange)?

Outlook's help says that all i have to do is add the sender of a signed message to my contacts and the certificate/key will be imported from the signed email accordingly. I should then be able to send encrypted messages to that person using their certificate, etc. Fine but then i cant actually send a signed message from my webmail account in the first place?

If I just append my public key then yes the text block is sent, but at the other end outlook does not of course recognise it as being a public key.

I have taken this text and placed it in a file then tried to import the file as the certificate for my webmail contact. But outlook does not regognise the format. Maybe I need to strip off the block header and footer stuff and name the file with a certain extension or something?

I have seem some comments about the plusnet virus checked footer giving problems in this area but i dont think this is the problem at the moment, as i cant even get as far a sending a signed message.

Anyway if anyone has it all working nicely then I would appreciate knowing how you did it.