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passworded members area needed


passworded members area needed

hi all just wondering if any one knows of a realable members area service i have one at the moment but it keeps going down i dont mind paying for it.i would rather have one that stops people useing the same user names if im could or block ip any recomend any ones must be secure as posible i was going to use one that needs perl but it seems quite hard to install if i could find one on line that would be great
thanks gareth
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passworded members area needed


Why not try using an ASP script from WEBWIZ , One of these is a gate way that uses per session cookies to control access or the other a forum type

their url is

host it on your own web space

hope this is of use

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passworded members area needed

Your best bet is to learn PHP and MySQL - with a bit of hard work you can write your own, my site at uses a system whereby admins can login upload images, write articles and do all admin work in the background. The members system requires a valid e-mail address for activation. All this written round PHP and a little Javascript.

Go learn its amazing whats out there!

great site

hello there thanks for the advice i have been on to your web pages funny enough i wanted to know how to build a web server great ifo keep up the great work ill try that link out thanks again