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i upgraded to broadband in the summer of 2005 and currently have a 1mb connection. Browsing speeds were excellent and still are. When i first started using broadband i could get download speeds on p2p of 100kb/s and since october of last year my speed has dropped to 10kb/s if i'm lucky.

I have read other users messages and there seems to be an issue of whether plusnet is blocking certain ports and i know how to change the number of the port, but that's about it. It's nothing to do with my firewall because when i turn it off i still have the same issues.

I am running windows 98 se and i have tried hooking my internet up to another pc with xp, but to no avail. I don't know how to solve this and i'm getting fed of it as other interent users i know on bulldog, bt or aol never have these problems. PLEASE could anyone help because i don't seem to be the only one with this problem.

P2P issues.

Yes, I signed up, with recomendations from a friend who had no P2P issues with them at the time. The sales speal clearly said there were no dload limits. All looked good upfront. I don't think there are blocked ports, as P2P clients can search fine, I think it's more likley to be traffic shaping technology that identifies P2P type traffic and puts the brakes on.
If you do manage to find a work around, they may then cap your speed to 70K peak or 200K off peak, as seems to have happened to mine, indicated by This appears to have happened to me and my work VPN now barely runs. I am thinking about swapping to freedom2surf as at least they allow scheduled offpeak P2P downloads on their £14.99 service. I just hope the salesman who said there would be no final charge for leaving +net if I had my own kit was on the level. My guess is that BT may charge a premium per Gb on their new exchanges, and folk who P2P run at a loss. Only a guess. Seems most DSL customers are in a similar boat.
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You have posted this in two places which will only cause confusion I am locking this thread in favour of the other one on the same subject here