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outlook not recieveing emails


outlook not recieveing emails

need some help here its been working fine but recently we know emails are being sent but when on another account and you reply it always says no messages when you check for new emails on this account

in account settings is the incoming outgoing is the email address in the general settings

only thing i can thinkof is that for some reason i
theres a problem using the fsnet email mabye ?

any info you need just ask but i could do with some suggestions

we can send but cant recieve
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outlook not recieveing emails

see some of my posts earlier this week, my e.mails are disappearing also !

outlook not recieveing emails

You need to go on and use webmail to see if the emails are getting to the server.
It could be they get to the server and outlook doesnt download them you need to work out which is the problem.

Putting the wrong email address shouldnt effect it but then evryone will reply to that address and you are then not getting replys to plusnet. So if you send a email and the user clicks reply it wont go to plusnet