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online payment systems


online payment systems

Looking to build a site with chat and messageboard (for which i will look at phpbb2 - what's the web address for that?) but i need to put an online payment system on as well. The client is not a major business, so something financially pain free would be useful.

Any suggestions?


Have since found but it doesn't seem to cover IRC, only forums.
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online payment systems

Careful with this one.

imho, if you are taking credit card payments, you will probably find that the credit card company will be very tetchy allowing you to do so over the internet. Look into subbing out the credit-card handling to an external firm that already has authorisation from the credit card company.

The problem is that the Internet allows fraud so much more easily, and the company taking the payment is usually the one that loses if there is a fraud case.

Using an intermediary company will put the pressure onto them, and not you.


online payment systems

I have used Worldpay in the past, very professional and can be integrated into stuff like ShopFactory quite easily. They do require an upfront payment , a regular subscription AND a percentage of your transactions though.

A MUCH cheaper alternative would seem to be PayPal (look at the premier account). See for details. I'm looking at integrating it into a PHP powered shop (e.g. PHPShop) and there are tutorials online which show you how to use VBScript and the like to achieve this.

Hope this helps.

online payment systems

I would strongly sugest Worldpay.

There may b a charge for the service, however, thsi covers you for fraudulant transations (to a certain degree).

IMHO, PayPal are a no go zone.

The first thing you have to remember, they are not a proper CC handling company.

While you may not see the differance in this, the protection offered for both retailer and customer, are affected by this

PayPal: Charge the customer X fee. They then credit your account. The customer is infact paying paypal.

Worldpay: Charge a customers CC on behalf of a retailer, directing payment direct to the retailer.

If you where to have a fraudulant transaction, or a customer decides to perform a chargeback via the CC company, the following happens.

PayPal: Retailers account suspended and very rarly un-suspended. Retailer is the person classed as commiting fraud, as such, PayPal suspend all held monies, which again are hard to obtain.

There are many horror stories on the net. Most are false and do not picture the whole thing. However, some businesses have had money upto and above £5,000 suspended by paypal, and they will not release it.

Worldpay: The same system is in place here, as you would expect when you have a CC terminal in a shop.

Overall, PayPal is very simple to intergrate, yet without much effort, so it Worldpay.