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obviously tried that the PC is THE SAME setting


obviously tried that the PC is THE SAME setting

As I said I have disbaled the router firewall to no avail - I have now returned home and it works again !!

I think there is something wrong with PLUSNET settings / routers or whatever.

Works fine on eclipse !

Thanks for reply anyway

can't load secure sites

Can't understand why my laptop (or pc) cant access remote sites e.g. hotmail or citrix remote access through plusnet and my router at one house ...

I can use with same laptop through eclipse and a different router at another house -- this problem has recently started I think.
The routers are set up the same and I have tried disabling my firewall on the one that dosent work. internet, msn everything else works Ok.

Any one any ideas - this is urgent, i am going away and my son needs it for Uni work.

Any help appreciated.
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can't load secure sites

Try disabling any software firewall and see if that is the cause.