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new browser - mail does not recognise password


new browser - mail does not recognise password

I have just downloaded Mozilla as browser (still with Pegasus in use) but after installation Mozilla reports that does not recognise the password and so cannot download mail - even though Pegasus still does so with the same password.
I have even renewed the password on my plusnet account, but to no avail.
Any advice welcome.

Roy Kingston
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Registered: 04-04-2007

new browser - mail does not recognise password

Are you positivie you have the username and password typed correctly in Mozilla and are using as the incoming POP3 server?
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new browser - mail does not recognise password

Also are you downloading from your default plusnet email account or a new one you have just setup. If a new one you need to wait 10-20 mins for the account to be configured within PlusNets mail system before it will work.

I have just tried configuring a new mailbox on my plusnet email and on Mozilla 1.6's mail & news client and it works fine so it must be a setting you have that is wrong.

If you click on the new account folder in mail & news then click on view account details, what do you have set for:

Server type
Server name
user name

Also make sure secure connection and secure authentication is unticked, the rest does not matter.