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I have just had this e-mail.
Your peak-time usage for this billing month just exceeded 15GB.

Light restrictions will now apply to your connection speeds until the end of the current billing month. We would have notified you when you reached 12GB to give you an opportunity to avoid these restrictions, however, you had exceeded 15GB before our alert email was triggered.

but my total usage says 348.53MB
I don't understand.
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Sometimes I wonder why the swear filter lets "PlusNet" through! :lol:
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What would you expect your usage to be?

Some users are seeing incorrect VMBU figures and some are getting incorrect management applied.

You need to raise a ticket to get it investigated, but expect a long wait for a reply.


Thanks shellsong, you made a very cross old bag smile!
I spent over an hour waiting for customer service (I got cut off after 20 mins first time).
Yes it is a mistake and yes we are being limited and no it won't be sorted just yet - it isn't a high priority as only a few of customers are affected!!!
Of course being a parent I gave my son a rocket first, then when he protested his innocence I actually looked.

& to add salt to the wound the e-mail was sent on friday and I have only just got it.

Peter - I have never been close to any limits, Thanks for your time but er what is VMBU

I should laugh really Premier option2, (8mb+) and getting 1.4mb


I have just had another alert!!!!

This time I am fed up of b*****y flippant responses from Customer services!

I have option 2 so should get 22.5GB peak time usage.

Anyway I had used 8GB peaktime and it said that I had used 12GB (I had in total) and I got a warning alert on the account, but no e-mail.

The response,
For information regarding traffic management please refer to our website at : Regards,

So I mentioned that I had option 2 and was 22GB peak time usage really a total 15Gb?
and got
The alert you refer to that was sent on 5th May referred to the billing period that ended on that day. You had exceeded your peak time allowance for that month (you used 16.08GB in peak hours), but since you are now in a new billing period any restrictions that were placed on your account are no longer in place, and you can ignore the service notice that was sent.

I HAD NOT USED 16Gb, but 4GB, AND THE 2nd ALERT WAS FOR THIS BILLING PERIOD & it is definitely a different one!

I know that I am going to keep getting these alerts: (I have now had 2 in 2 billing periods, ) so who to contact to stop them? or is 22GB peak time usage really 15Gb in total usage once you have signed up? Evil