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messenger video link - increased download

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messenger video link - increased download

Hi my download usage has gone up enormously over the last week or so. The only difference I know in my useage is having had video links through msn messenger could this account for 400MB a day increase? For a couple of hours linked up :?:

Thanks grim :shock:
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messenger video link - increased download

It depends on what the bit rate for the video streams were.

Knowing this, you can calculate how much bandwidth you would use in a hour:

kbs/8 = KBytes/s

KBs * 3600 = KBytes/hour

KBh/1000 = MBytes/hour

e.g. if you had a 128kbs video stream

( 128 / 8 ) * 3600 = 57,600KBh = 57.6MBytes/hour

So 400MBytes in a day is very possible if the video streams were higher than my example or you had them on for longer than you thought.

messenger video link - increased download

As Peter says, it's very plausible. I have an iSight which is higher resolution than most webcams and in an hours chat I consumed about as much bandwidth as I normally do in a week!

--> Stephen