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linking pages


linking pages

hiya all

sorry about this daft question but

here it goes

creating my own web site but
when using frontpage i'm trying to link to my other pages will
with buttons on my forst page but when go to preview they dont work

its years since i done web stuff sorry for asking Shockedops:



linking pages

I you want to go to other pages while you are using Frontpage, hold the control key down and click on the link. I think that's what you meant, anyway.
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linking pages

Hi there,
When you have created links in Microsoft Frontpage, you can not follow them by just clicking them with your mouse (like you would do in a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer). If you wish to test your links it may be best to use the "preview in browser" option contained in Microsoft Frontpage, or you could just browse to the file using your browser's address bar.

Also, make sure that local links (ones that point to other files in the same webspace) are made with just the filename such as "filename.htm" or "folder/filename.htm" and if you are linking to another site, remember to include the full address, such as "".

matt Wink