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how to use mydomain


how to use mydomain

This is probably a silly question but I am having trouble setting up my domain to receive mail. I want mail to be sent to When I go into Domain Names it says that my domain is registered and hosted. I presumed that I could simply start using but obviously not so. I tried setting up a mailbox but get an error message saying that I am using incorrect characters(presumably the@) Any help greatly appreciated


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how to use mydomain

The domain name should mask over your existing username email details. However it can take upto 48 hours for it to become fully hosted and working. Try sending an email to postmaster@your domain and see if it comes through to you.

If you want to create a mailbox called 'sales' simply enter sales in the relevent part of the form. You dont need to include the domain name or the at sign.

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how to use mydomain

Just to try and simplify to what Chris has said.

You should just call your mailbox mail
You then collect your mail from it by using your own username+mail allong with the password you setup for the mail box.

So even though people send mail to you collect it from themerrys+mail.