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how can i get rid of my site


how can i get rid of my site

hi all uploaded a web site thought frount pagei have not yet managed to get it to point to www. yet the proplem is iwas woundering how would i wipe my web page of the server and is there a easy way to poit my fp to www. gant seam to get it to work

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how can i get rid of my site

You don't point your fp to www, you point your www to fp or to be precise you use a frane redirect.

You can use frame redirects so anyone visiting your webspace will then view your website from the fp server.

Details on ho to do this in this thread.

Can't help with deleting FP website, don't use FP.

how can i get rid of my site

To clear your FP space, yiu can do one of two things.

1/ In MS FrontPage, delete all the files and folders for your page and then update. This should remove them from the server.
2/ Deactivate your Frontpage, wait a day, then reactivate, wait up to 4 days and then use it.

3/ Dont bother using Frontpage. Use the standard www server and a HTML editor like Coffee Cup or even MS Publisher.