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help please - using flash buttons and frontpage 2003


help please - using flash buttons and frontpage 2003

I am using frontpage 2003 and want to insert some great buttons that were made in flash ( i got them on a cd with some templates) but i dont know how to change the names currently it has spinner on it and i want to change to home, email, links etc and place them on the navigation bar. can anyone advise how i do this please.

the buttons within frontpage are boring and dreamweaver is to complex for me at this stage.

all advice greatfully recieved.

ps i also have a 2nd query. in frontpage 2003 i have split the page with frames and want to add pictures to particular areas. so the picture fills that particular frame by 100% and adjusts to be viewed as such. However i keep getting a scroll bar at the left hand side of the page when i set the page properties for that picture to 100%.
scratching my head in fustration.

ps many thanks

help please - using flash buttons and frontpage 2003

re your flash buttons: If you don't have Flash or Swish, which allow you to export the HTML code, try this:

1. Open one of the templates on your CD (with the buttons) in Frontpage.
2. Switch to HTML view.
3. Highlight the code that refers to this particular flash element, copy it and
3. paste it into your (new) page where you want it to appear.

Or, instead of copying the code into your HTML (or if it does not work), position your cursor where you want your button to appear and select insert - advanced - HTML

The bit of code you want *probably* begins with <object classid= ... followed by a link to the macromedia site and ends in </object>.

You may need to position your button using CSS or tables (easy in FP). Consult FP help file, if needed.

I am not using FP any longer and can't guarantee it works, but it is worth a try.

Before you use those buttons, make sure you are not using someone else's material without their permission. You'd be violating copyright restrictions.

Don't know about your second question but I wouldn't use frame pages if I were you. No-one does nowadays, no-one likes frames and search engines positively hate frame pages. Quick and easy alternative: tables or, more sophisticated, CSS.