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grandstream budgettone phone setup


grandstream budgettone phone setup

Tried plustalk using the xlite software and very hit and miss reception. Not reliable enough for serious use. So 'borrowed' a phone from work.
The setup is asking for the following;

SIP Server: (e.g.,, or IP address)
Outbound Proxy: (e.g.,, or IP address, if any)
SIP User ID: (the user part of an SIP address)
Authenticate ID: (can be identical to or different from SIP User ID)

I've tried various here, including for sip user id, my 6 digit number and 'plustalk'. Using for the sip server and nothing for proxy though tried again.

If any one can help would be greatful.


grandstream budgettone phone setup

I too have a grandstream Budge Tone 100. Received it yesterday and set it up no problem.
Sip Server:-
Outbound proxy:-
Sip user id:- 20xxxx (your six digit plustalk number)
Authenticate id:- 20xxxx (your six digit plustalk number)

If you are using it behind a NAT router you also have to set the NAT traversal to Yes and put in the uri of a stun server I used but any can be used.
Also make sure the ip addresses of the default router and the DNS servers are set correctly in the Basic settings page.


grandstream budgettone phone setup

Thanks for that Nigel, didnt work at first but when I set the NAT settings as you suggested it worked after a few minutes.

Made my first call and quality is good.