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firewall query


firewall query

I am using zone alarm and on my 'alerts and log' page I notice that many of the listed sources are from addresses.

Many appear frequently and most (if not all) are trying to access port 445.

I understand that they are being blocked but wonder is there a particular reason why this is happening from other addresses?
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firewall query

Yep, this is a common port used by viruses to propogate to other PCs, so what you are seeing are port scans from PCs that have been infected. The other common port is 135 but many others can be used depending on the virus.

The reason you only see plusnet IPs is those 2 ports are blocked by PlusNet on the perifery of their network to stop the missions of scans getting into their (our) internal networks.

Nothing you can really do unless the port scans are affecting your ADSL speed. It is generally refered to as internet noise.

firewall query

Thanks for the reply.

Its not causing any problems so all is ok Cheesy