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firefox vs IE sign on problem

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firefox vs IE sign on problem

Regulars amongst you may remember "I have a second icon on the taskbar (another set of little computer screens) when I power up the PC, which just sits there saying 'aquiring network address' but never does? If I click on OE or IE icon it connects perfectly but the icon stays although it's joined by the connected one too! " which was never resolved until recently when I managed to get hold of a British Telecom disc from a neighbour, reloaded non AOL drivers and all seemed to be OK.

Just to be difficult however, I changed from a working IE to the often recommended Firefox and now have a wee new problem...

If I use IE I get the usual sign on box which allows auto-connect & dis-connect and away it goes. If I use Firefox I get a newer XP type (?) sign on window without an auto-connect/dis-connect option.

Hopefully there is a screen shot of both attached (?) any thoughts on a resolution?

screenshot here -

Many thanks,

firefox vs IE sign on problem

I got this problem after I set up a new email account in Outlook 2003. My O/S is XP SP2.
I did download a file from my ISP (Clara Net) which would have set up he new account settings automatically, but I didn't fancy this, so I deleted it and set up the account manually. I just wonder whether this did actually alter a setting, even though I did not open the file.
Did a System Restore which cured it as well as removing the new email account. Problem fixed. I then set up the email account manually again and the problem did not return.
I do hope this helps.