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OK here it goes. For us complete idiots. I am on the Premier package, so get 240 free minutes of Plustalk per month. I haven't even activated it yet, because having read the (limited) posts on here there seem to have been problems in the past, and it all seemed a little complicated. Having said that, why waste 4 hours worth of phone calls everymonth?

:arrow: How difficult is it to set up a USB phone?
:arrow: I see in my local Tescos (no advert intended) that they have what looks like quite a nice cordless phone for a silly price, which they would really like me to use on their VOIP service. Will this work on Plus Talk?

Please feel free to tell me what an ignoramous I am, as long as you tell me the answer as well.

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I don't believe it will. I think you have to use their software which is locked to their service.

You need to find an IP Phone that is SIP compatible. Alternatively, you can use the X-Lite software phone with a headset?

Or, if you have a router, purchasing yourself a SIP compatible ATA will allow you to plug any normal phone in and use this with the PlusTalk Broadband Phone service.