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ending plustalk PAYG subscription

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Registered: 30-07-2007

ending plustalk PAYG subscription

how do i end a plustalk PAYG subscription i want to?
i cannot find this option anywhere...

Cancelling plustalk

Same here!

The quality is so bad, i am not going to pay any more for this service!!!

Yet they have emailed me of the billing date!

Come on lads do us all a favour this is a blatant rip off.

Far worse than your crippling of broadband!

I want out of plustalk it is rubbish I'd rather go to vonage!

PS. AOL have unrestricted downloads and do not cripple you in the evening if you want to watch streamed bbc comedy! Once my 12 months r up i am going to aol!
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ending plustalk PAYG subscription

To end plustalk just contact the helpdesk (avoid wizard) and they will deregister you.

ending plustalk PAYG subscription

Hi every one, I encounted they same problem, useless service even more useless website, etc, tried to cancel my plustalk account via the web-site, no way, attempted to contact them via the so called help-desk but then informed by a robot that i would have to wait at least 40mins in a que of some kind to get through.

Not very good i would say and plusnet post pathetic excuse why there non-help desk is not available etc every one knows what i am talking about just browse the forums. Eventualy i got a reply from a ticket that i raised, 3 days later to be exact. Rasied a second ticket , because as far as i was concerend my issues had not been resloved to my satisfaction, recived a reply, basicaly telling me off for raisng a duplicate ticket as they stated.

what esle am i supposed to do the system has no bloody options only dumb robot automated stupid reply

for a company like plusnet to launch a product like plustalk and not have done there home work first is beyond me, its clearly not fit for mass market in its present state, again look at the posts in the forums.

Again any one looking at VOIP services do your self a favour use google and try other suppliers, there are enough of them, and provide much better service.

try sipgate for 1 and look at there web-site design and support section ,plusnet ought to take a leaf out of ther book when it comes to supplying a product.

sorry for the rant but i have suffered enough.
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ending plustalk PAYG subscription

another way to cancel your ticket which is a much easier way is to go to

ending plustalk PAYG subscription

Aye great idea that pay ANOTHER £4.99 to cancel it!!!

No way am I doing that - a complete con that!