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email spam problem, plse help!


email spam problem, plse help!

I seem to have been hit by an email spam bug of sorts. Over the last few days I've received thousands of "failure to deliver" notifications from ISP's who claim to have received undeliverable emails from me! Some of these emails are infected but Symantec intercepts these and quarantines them.

I don't spam, never send out unsolicited email full stop, nor do I use any software that might do so.

I don't use a spamfilter either.

I check my machine for viruses regularly (scheduled norton scan) but haven't found anything.

I'm afraid that sooner or later I'll be accused of spamming, through no fault of my own.

Has anybody experienced something similar and what can I do about it?
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email spam problem, plse help!

One or two others have / are experiencing the same problem.
Have a look at this thread.


email spam problem, plse help!

I had the same problem with over 1000 emails per hour hitting my box.

Use this page to delete all the mail in one go

The problem is trying to find the mail you want I found the mail came in faster than I could download it so I used the above to kill te lot. In the end I got Plus net to block my default mailbox so only mailboxs I had set up got any mail the rest just went into thin air.

I often wonder which idiot thought of sending mail back to the user in the first place as it must account for 50% of emails. The post office dont very often return the mail so why do it with email
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email spam problem, plse help!

I have had the same problem for ages now. CS said it would likely clear up but it seems to actually be getting worse Sad

I see the solution about blocking the default mail box, but someone had the idea of using different addresses at my domain for different reasons (me!) and there is no way I kept a note of them all. DOH!

Is there another way of marking these or am I shafted?

email spam problem, plse help!

OK, I've not dome anything about this problem, hoping it would somehow go away, instead it seems to get worse: hundreds a day now, all with "undeliverable mail" or similar in the headline.

Looking at the return addresses used by this particular spammer, they use where they substitute name with anything.

So, would blackholing the main default email address solve this?

And if I set up some mailboxes, can these be redirected automatically, so I don't need to pick them up at this site?

email spam problem, plse help!

I've recently had this problem as well seems to be catching ,I have 3 machines here on wireless ,I found that one address was getting hammered by undeliverable stuff comming in .Try this ,changed relevant email address to another machine it stopped overnight ,Solution reboot fully the laptop that was getting swamped .Have to say it seems that has solved the problem at least for the time being .Unless of course the Spammer is having a long break .Drastic action I will admit but my thought was/is that there has to have been a mail bot or backdoor type program got on the Laptop despite all the before@ bieng totally rubish someone had got the main part of my address as the sender of the junk ,Also having checked a lot of the IP numbers in the mails that I could get the headers from I found 2 main ones which originate in Korea or Japan ,and that was after digging into about 50 of the returns .I dont mean the IPs of the mailer systems kicking them back at me either.Most of those were in Germany or England.