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email adresses


email adresses

i hope this is the right place to post

my mailbox is setup with
i set up a second with titanic before it
yet i cant get mail from the titanic one how come i set it up in my outlook but i never recive anything from it even test e mails do i have to reeroute it
please help its driving me crazy

email adresses

OK, first, we need to clear up a little information.

From part of the setup you have shown, there are two methods to your setup.


The original mail account provided wiht the service (in your case is known as a "catch all" account.

This means, e-mail sent to any address before the @ sign in will arrive there, including

This requires no further setup on your part, unless you wish e-mail to have the "from" address setup as this.

You simply edit the existing mail account for this.

Further again, if you wish to have two seperate "from" addresses, then you have to setup a dummy mail account in outlook, so the addresses are seperated (however, mail is collected from a single account).

We can advise further if this is route you wish to take


In the above information, I noted you can have the two addresses seperate. Further two this, this method allows you to collect the e-mail from two totaly seperate account.

This allows you to, eg, have two machines, and seperate the mail from each other.

For this, you have add a new mailbox on the +Net portal. Follow the "Email settings" link to the left.

Again, if you advise us which method you are trying to use, we can advise further.

email adresses

i deleted the titanic one and just have the dozer one so now everthing sent to me should i get at

i think this is the easiest way as i dont know where all the went
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email adresses

login with a username of "dozer+titanic" with the password you set on the email account.