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easily email + new account with plus


easily email + new account with plus

Maybe someone can help me with an email related problem.

I am helping a company who has one easily email account but to get more it will cost them money - so if they sign up for broadband from plusnet on one of the business plans would it be possible for the emails from easily to be forwarded to plusnet so that the emails can be sorted into mailboxes at plus' end rather than into mailboxes at easily that cost money.

I know it is possible to get the nameservers changed at the easily end to direct to the plus webspace but is a similar thing possible with the email.


easily email + new account with plus

This will depend on what sort of redirect is used.

If they are willing to redirect like-for-like, then yes.

IE. Anything directed at would be directed to, or to

If they will redirect to a single account them maybe.

IE, any e-mail is directed at on e-mail address.

With this way, you have two choices.

1: Run a mail server in the office like mailtraq to collect mail from a single POP3 mailbox and sort it per user.

2: Same as one, only on the PlusNet side of the POP3 server.

This can be expensive depending on the number of users that need sorting, however it is a one off fee, and mailly provides support. See the MailTraq website for licence details (do not be put off by the dollas, the software is actualy UK based).


A third option is to change the DNS records, though this may not be desired.

PlusNet wouldn't host only the e-mail (or at least from everything I have read so far they will not).