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e mail set up


e mail set up

My old pc died on me yesterday(rip) but have been able to borrow a pc from work untill iget a brand new one.
Now i seem to be havin a problem with setting up my mail.
I have inputted user name and a pass word and i got email from weeks back that i never got on th other pc, but the mail I had on other pc is not on the list id that makes any sence to any one.
I have two user names as in main mail box plus one more
any ideas how to set it up again for thsi temp pc??
dont want to bother the guys at plusnet them being busy with al the problems of the new speeds.
Thanks in advance
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e mail set up

Are you using pop3 or imap?

If pop3, when mail is received by an email client, it is deleted from the PN mail servers so you can't see those emails on another PC.

If you are using imap then the emails would still remain on the PN mail servers (unless you delete them locally) and you could see the emails on another PC.

A POP3 email account only allows a single email client to download email from the mailbox. In your case I suspect you are using POP3, in which case the mail has already been received on your old PC and deleted from PNs mail server so you won't see them on your new PC.

Why you have received old emails I don't know but I suspect they had not previously been received on your old PC.

E mail

Hi thanks for the reply
I have had a look at the email set up and done as requested but still unable to recive normal email , only getting pn mail not normal mail and i normaly get up to five a day , can you offer any help
thsi is a borrowed pc from work untill i get a new one would that have anything to do with not getting emailHuh