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domain query


domain query

ive got a domain registered through plusnet and am paying £1/month for registering. ive had the domain for 13 months now. In my settings it says -

Your domain, is set to expire on 2004-12-11
Your hosting for domain, is set to expire on 2003-12-11

What i want to do is cancel my payment of £1/month for this existing domain and register it with
I also want to set up another domain under 123 and host it with plusnet (i know im entitled to 3 with my home account)

Does anyone know of the best way/cost effective of doing this?

The whole domain registering seems confusing to me. Since i have had the domain over 12 months, i believe that i wont be charged any fee by Plusnet (since i 'own' the domain according to the domain info text on the portal). Is this true?

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