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domain name in pop3


domain name in pop3

Hi there,

i have got a domain name transfered in to, i can see this in the domains list,

email is set to pop3.

How do i go about adding email address for the new domain and were do i need to point out look to access pop3 mail box;s for the domian.

thank you in advance for any help!


domain name in pop3

You domain email comes to your default address.

You can add mail boxes, as many as you like. See this guide from the help section for more details.
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domain name in pop3

If you can I'd recommend imap servers instead. This means your mail is always backed up somehwere different if your system fails and you can access all your mail and folders etc from any web connection.

i take it from your logon rdbgroup that you are a business. I map could potentially save you lots of hassle should the worst happen.

I have my mail set up this way and can access any mail I've sent from any net connected pc at the drop of a hat.