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do I have to use portal to pick up messages

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do I have to use portal to pick up messages

I've just bought a mic etc for use with plustalk and sent my self a message to check eveything works ok. (disapointed to see that I used up one of my free 0845 allocations before I was made aware that it would eventually cost me if I use it more than twice more)

I thought that the phone software would alert me to a missed call but instead I have to open my email and then retreive messages via the webportal. This seams a long winded way of working things how can i do it better. or can't I?

Could plusnet also change the 0845 number sign up to alert people before they register for an 0845 number for the 1st time that if the let it lapse they the will then be charged 1.50 per month to retain a number. I woud never have signed up for the 0845 number if I new it took one bite out of the cherry before I went any futher.


do I have to use portal to pick up messages

You can dial 7001 to get through to the PlusTalk voicemail, which asks for your box number 123456 and your passcode 1234 (it's displayed on the PlusTalk portal page alongside your other settings). Enter those details and you'll be presented with your voicemail messages, and a number of options of what to do with them.