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connecting to games( firewalls and routers??)


connecting to games( firewalls and routers??)

Hi, ive been playing online games for quite awhile now and mostly use All seeing eye. However, my brother mentioned a program called Kali which fools the internet into thinking its on a LAN. My brother can connect and host games fine on Kali, but whenever i try it says connection timed out and that i may be firewalled or be behind a NAT router.

Im a bit new when it comes to this sort of stuff, but i am pretty sure i dont have a firewall (the windows xp firewall isnt checked) installed and i have no other firewall software installed on my pc.

I am unsure about the NAT router and whether i am using one, can anyone help me?? i played around with my LAN settings and it says all my ports are open, but again this is something i am completely unsure of. What i do know is that i never have problems connecting to other servers on ASE and in general, but most of the time i cant host a game

Please can someone help, thanks v.much
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connecting to games( firewalls and routers??)

You have posted exactly the same thread as this in the Games section so I am locking this one.
Please do not post the same thing in multiple threads as it caused confusion when answers could be in any of your threads.