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N/A domain names?

Okay, I have just one (hopefully) simple question, that for the life of me I can't seem to find a conclusive answer to.

For the extra £1 fee you get to register a domain name, at the end of the year, it's yours, fantastic Smiley

But, does this also cover all the other suffixes provided on the registration form?

If I wanted to register then it'd be fine, right? (besides that someone would already have it Wink) and it would be included in the extra £1 a month.

What if I wanted to register instead... would THAT be included in the extra £1 a month? or is it not?

I've been searching for about an hour but can't seem to find a conclusive answer.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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N/A domain names?


The free domain name offers, and the £1 a month offer is only available for domain names.
N/A domain names?

Thanks for the lightning quick answer Smiley

Kinda what I expected, but I just couldn't find a sure answer.

Now I've just got to think of another one since it's taken already (and not used... so annoying)
N/A domain names?

How come it is so cheap?

If you register the name yourself it cost something like £60. I've been looking for the website of the official domain registration but I can't remember the URL

N/A domain names?

You can get domain names for around £6 per year at and and TLDs (as in .net, .com) for about £20.