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can' link out of cgi-bin


can' link out of cgi-bin

i've got a website on

everything's running fine, until you choose to book online.

once you've picked the page, all the links seem to look for links here ( instead of

i've tried several alternatives to try and get the links to work correctly, but can't seem to manage Evil .

any suggestions?

the site was created using dreamweaver and used a template.


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can' link out of cgi-bin

Just a guess but maybe you need to use relative paths rather than absolute paths when specifying URL links. There is an option somewhere in dreamweaver to do that but can't remember where.

can' link out of cgi-bin

I may be wrong, but I think the problem is that you're linking to whereas you should be linking to - the initial http:// is important, otherwise the linked address is just appended to the end of the url you're at.

can' link out of cgi-bin

i gave up in the end and added the whole website to the cgi-bin directory.