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broadband connection ????


broadband connection ????

how can i get connected when i start the computer up do i have to click on the box

so at start up i am online HuhHuh
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broadband connection ????

You have not given any info about your equipment so it's impossible to answer your question.

What ADSL hardware are you using and is it connected via an Ethernet (network) cable or USB?

What currently happens when you start your PC. When you start your browser, do you get a webpage up, a dialup connection window or something else?

Where is this '' box you are refering to?

broadband connection ????

sorry about that

got a voyager 105 usb modem

set it up on the 0,38 number

broadband connection ????

if the icon you click autodials etc, just move it to start->programs->startup

to have it run when you login