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broadband and ad-aware


broadband and ad-aware

I started using broadband very recently and have noticed that ad-aware is picking up many more 'new objects' than it had before.

I have ad-aware professional 6 - ref file OR150 05.07.2003 and when i look for an update it tells me none are available - but then theres a messages telling me to download the new 1.81.

When i click on that i get to a page with ref file 01R224 06.10.2003.

WHen i click on that either to save file or open file - i get a file called reflist.ref but im told that windows doesnt know what file to use in order to open it (i use windows XP)

any ideas what i should do now? :?

I imagine that my ad-aware is out of date and theres a connection with starting broadband and an increase in 'new objects'.

so what should i do now?

broadband and ad-aware

Ad-Aware's update feature is to look for updated spyware definitions - it only updates it's "dictionary" of spyware.

The easiest way to update would just be to uninstall Ad-Aware, then download and install the latest version.