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autoturn MX records


autoturn MX records


I've got my own mail server (Exchanger Server 5.5 on W2k Server) running successfully. Emails for my domain are coming to my machine via SMTP with no problems.

In the Domain Names control panel I added my own MX record, just to see if I could without messing it up.

My question, is how do I set up an MX record for the Autoturn server so that my emails get backed up if my server goes down.

I tried adding the MX record like :

mx 10

However, when I did a NS lookup, it comes out like this :

Type=MX, Class=1, TTL=14400, RDLENGTH=25
Preference=10, Mail

Also, the last plusnet server MX record is fine :

Type=MX, Class=1, TTL=14400, RDLENGTH=17
Preference=21, Mail

I assume that my emails would not be backed upby what I've read they have to go to aututurn first ?

Many thanks for any help supplied


autoturn MX records

From the domain control panel, you should tell it you want SMTP mode, not Other or POP3.

Next you should only need to add the MX record for your own SMTP server.

Autoturn and mx.last should autogaicaly be entered for you.

I sugest removing the records, and starting again.

FYI: The reason why your own MX record went screwy and became very long, is because you missed a . (period) at the end of the record.

This is an extention of the current Zone. That zone is your domain name
The ending . (period) tells the server that it is an explicit record.

This works much the same at absolute and relative paths.

autoturn MX records

Many thanks for the reply....much appreciated......thats made things a lot clearer to me !

autoturn MX records

If you give the second server a lower mx preferance number it will act as a backup all will mail will go to the server with the highest number and then fall back to the lower number. 10 is high 20 is low